Seeding Waves Studio

Seeding Waves Studio is a music mixing and mastering studio dedicated to independant musical projects.

Rather focused on alternative music (rock, punk, psyché, folk, experimental...), I'm very enthusiastic, listening and open to all types of music.
Working for all kind of media (streaming, cd, vinyl, tape), you will benefit from my experience, a certain rock touch, and nice rates, adapted to independant projects.

Visit mastering page for more information.

According to your needs, I can also record in roaming, mix your multipists sessions; or advise you and direct you to other studios, pressing companies, and so on...

Feel free to contact me for any inquiries !

Who am I ?

Guillaume Brot, musician and composer in various bands or solo since the late 90’s, I've participated, as a musician, in the recording of more than twenty records for my projects and had the chance to tour throughout Europe.
Regular to do-it-yourself scene, resourcefulness and tight budgets, this allowed me to discover all kinds of places and studios, to weave a friendly, musical and supportive network, but also to learn a lot on every stage of the musical production.
So, since a few years, I have naturally focused and trained on sound techniques, mainly mastering.

My studio is located in Camaret sur Mer, Brittany. Its name, Seeding Waves Studio, is a tribute to Pen Had, beach next to which I live.

Some of my actual bands : Llamame La Muerte, Brötchen des Todes, Chien Flic, United Color Of Black Metal, ...


Mastering is the last and very essential step of any musical production.
It consists of putting an ultimate polish to your recording and bringing it into compliance with the destination media (steaming platforms, cd, vinyl, tape), each with its specific standards and requirements.

My philosophy consist in making a match in between your sound and your expectations and references, while offering you my style. Whether the mastering work could be minimal or more extensive, it will open your music, giving it glue, punch, a certain color and why not some extra glitters!

I work "in the box" with a method and a choice of tools oriented towards reproducting analog heat and keeping adapted dynamics. Depending on your projects, I can work either directly from a classic stereo file of your mix, or from stems (stereo track groups).

Mixage :
Don't hesitate to send any kind of mixing project too ! from studio or home-studio sessions... or even if you're a bedroom producer :)

If you want to record and don't have any contact, depending on your project I can propose you to record it (roaming) or adress you to studios or sound engineers.

For any price request, proposal or question, visit rates and contact page.

Some references


- DAC : Mytek Stereo 96 DAC
- Monitoring : Adam Adio 7Ax, Avantone Mixcubes, ...
- Headphone : Beyerdynamic DT 880 Pro 250 ohms
- Monitoring control : Mackie Big Knob Passive, Palmer Monicon Pro
- DAW : Reaper
- Favorite plugins from Universal Audio, Brainworx, Softube, Amek, Bettermaker, Wave Alchemy, Waves, Dangerous Music, SPL, TBT, Vertigo, Valhalla, Sonimus...


- Stereo mastering * : 40€ per track
*** 4 to 8 tracks package : 150€
*** 9 and more tracks package : 200€
- Stem mastering * : 60€ per track
*** 4 to 8 tracks package : 225€
*** 9 and more tracks package : 300€
- Extra :
*** DDP for CD pressing : 25€/album
*** Pre-master for vinyl pressing : 25€/album

Mixing *
- 80€ per track
*** 4 to 8 track package : 300€
*** 9 and more tracks package : 400€

Contact me

* Depending on your project, these prices could be changed (short track length, number of instruments, budget, mixing + mastering package, etc.)
Feel free to contact me for any inquiries !

Rates not concerned by VAT.